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My Transformation After Breaking Both Heel Bones - Michael Mulray

Hey everybody! Today is the three year anniversary of when I fell off a third story balcony and broke both of my heel bones and tore my left achilles tendon. I put together a youtube video talking about my experience with this injury as well as putting my recovery that I worked my tail off for on display. After three surgeries and a lot of physical therapy I am back doing mostly what I love (with some discomfort most of the time). I think my recovery can be very motivational for everyone, but especially for some of the more fresh heel fracture victims as I remember it was very hard for me to stay hopeful of a brighter future early...

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My Fractured Heels Recovery Journey - Kenny Panco

I decided to write this because when I was injured, I couldn’t find much information online about what the recovery and rehabilitation process was like for someone with bilateral calcaneal fractures (fractured heels).  My hope is that any of my recovery story can be used to benefit someone else with the same injury or any other injury where the odds are stacked up against you.

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